Peneireiro Tourism Complex

The Municipality of Vila Flor is particularly vivid in natural landscapes, with the surroundings of the Camping Site, created in 1983, as its main feature. Framed within a mountain and forest leisure landscape, this site is visited by thousands of tourists, nationals and foreigners, especially in the months of June to October.


It features tennis courts, a football field and a beach volley court. These structures create the optimum conditions for a few days of quietness, rest, leisure and also for the practice of sports because just a few meters away stands the Municipal Stadium which, apart from athletics tracks and a football field, also offers a tartan track. The interior of the Site is completely covered with trees, with some lawn areas. Pine trees, eucalyptuses, sycamore trees, white poplars, cork-oaks and strawberry trees are just a few of the plant species one may find there. The uneven terrain, creating smaller areas limited by vegetation or by natural granite blocks, offers more privacy and the feeling of a closer relationship with nature. It also has 3 blocks of shower and wash facilities, a bar with terrace, a mini-market and a playground.


Around it, you can find the Peneireiro Dam, an artificial lake for supplying water to the seat of the Municipality. It features a motocross track and a fitness circuit, which was recently refurbished. Next to the dam, another green area stands out, including a picnic area and a playground. Close by, in the affectionately termed "mini-zoo", some animals rest and may be seen by those who wish to visit them. Still included in the Peneireiro Tourism Complex, it is important to highlight the municipal swimming pool, with a bar and terrace, surrounded by tall cedars.

Parque Campismo Vila Flor
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