Rates and Permits

Value charged for using the Camping Park, per 24-hour periods or per fraction, VAT included.


a) People

  • Up to age 5 - Free
  • Between 5 and 10 years old - 1,10€
  • Over age 10 - 2,20€

b) Caravans

  • Up to 4 meters - 2,00€
  • Between 5 and 6 meters - 2,20€
  • Over 6 meters - 3,30€
  • Over 10 meters, per meter - 0,60€
  • Load tow - 1,00€
  • Bus - 7,00€
  • Car - 1,70€
  • Camper van 3,80€


c) Motorbikes - 1,70€

d) Tents

  • Up to 4 m² - 1,70€
  • Between 5 and 12 m² - 2,00€
  • Between 5 and 12 m² - 2,00€
  • Electricity - 1,50€
  • Hot Water Bath - Free


e) Visitor - 1,00€


f) Playing Fields use (hour) - 1,50€



a) In January, February, November and December, the “low season", all rates with be 50% off

b) Camping equipment (caravans), tents and similar items left in the Camping Park during the aforementioned months will have to pay 20% of the current rates


Article 1: The "Parque Municipal de Campismo de Vila Flor" occupies a five-hectare fenced area in "Penereiro", close to the Dam with the same name and is mainly intended for camping and caravanning practices.




Article 2: The Park works all year round, and is governed by the rules included in these regulations and other applicable legislation.


1. Its working period may be changed by the City Council if being open all year round is not justified.


Article 3: The reception is open from 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. from June to September and from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. in all other months. These working hours may be changes whenever service conditions recommend it

Article 4: The Park may be partially or totally closed in certain periods


Article 5: The Vila Flor City Council declines any responsibility for accidents, damages or thefts that happen to the users and their material within the Park's area




Article 6: The Park may be used by nationals or foreigners who are considered campers, as long as they carry camping materials or keep it there.

1. Campers under age 15 will only be admitted when accompanied by their parents or people who are of age and take responsibility for them.


Article 7: Those who have no camping material are considered visitors and will only be allowed to stay at the Park from 9.00 a.m. to 10 p.m. from June to September and from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. in all other months. They will only be allowed to enter as long as there is a camper who accompanies them and takes responsibility for them.

1. Visitors who live in the Vila Flor municipality may benefit from easier access conditions as long as they intend to use the Park for resting, conviviality or leisure and keep a proper behaviour and respect for the other users' rights, only between October and May

2. The aforementioned visitors may be given annual user cards, which will allow access to the Park by their holder, the number of family members included on the card - as long as they are accompanied by him/her - and also the vehicle they're using.

3. Annual user cards will be given by the Town Council's Registrar, when those interested have given proof of residence, in person, to the corresponding official or through a statement issued by the corresponding Parish council

4. The proof of family relationship will be verified, if that is requested, through the corresponding identification

Article 8: Admission in the Park will only be granted during the reception's working hours

Article 9: As part of the admission procedure and on presentation of identification documents, campers will receive tent, caravan or car labels which should be placed in a proper visible position

1. The identification documents will be returned upon the camper's check out when the stay is paid for

2. The admission registration will only be considered cancelled after the owed payment has been made, whether or not the occupation has occurred

3. The camper or visitor's admission may be refused if he/she is in a state of intoxication or in other circumstances that may disturb the Park's proper operation



Article 10: Campers are allowed to use the Park's area, as well as the facilities intended for their use, according to the conditions imposed by these regulations and by the current rate list

1. Campers will be able to choose their camping site, if the Park's keeper does not assign them a specific site

2. Connections to electricity may only be made by the Park's keeper

3. Campers are also allowed to use the Municipal Pool for free, using a ticket given at reception

Article 11: Any materials considered abandoned will be removed by the Park's services

1. Any material which is not properly identified or has delayed payments will be considered abandoned

2. The aforementioned material may be picked up within 90 days after the user has proved it is his/her property and paid the expenses regarding its custody and storage

Users' Rights and Obligations

Article 12: The Park users' rights include:

1. To strictly follow the precepts of these regulations and to comply with the instructions given by the people who are in charge of its operation

2. To follow the hygiene precepts adopted at the Park, especially with regards to:

a) Dirty waste waters

b) The cleaning maintenance of camping sites

3. To respect the silence and rest period from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., as well as to comply with the order and discipline, both individual and collective, refraining from actions, attitudes or procedures that may cause nuisance or damage to other users


Article 13: Users are not allowed to:

1. Illegally bring people, goods, or animals into the Park

2. Put up instructions or light fires outside the areas intended for that purpose

3. Destroy or disturb trees, plants or other properties

4. Cross or destroy the Park's existing fences

5. Dispose of trash, debris, dirty waters, sharp objects and other wastes outside the places intended for that purpose

6. Use fountains, dish or clothes washing sinks and wash basins for purposes other than those they are intended for

7. To make improvised constructions with awnings, cabinets, boxes, stones, etc. and to use the land for purposes with are not part of the camping ethics

8. Leave the accommodation area dirty

9. Hang clothes to dry outside the places intended for that purpose

10. Light fires outside the places intended for that purpose

11. Leave open or running taps or, in any way, contribute to the damage of pipes and other installations

12. Place clothes lines, cables, pegs and wires less than 2m high hampering the movement of other campers

13. Install tents, caravans or other camping equipment less than 2m away, wall to wall, from other campers' accommodations or in a way that disturbs them

14. Put up tents, kitchens or other belongings from the same family, as long as they are more than 1m apart, from wall to wall

15. Keep dogs, cats and other animals unleashed or without a muzzle


Car circulation


Article 14: Internal vehicle circulation inside the Park's fenced area is subject to general Traffic Laws

1. That circulation may be totally or partially forbidden whenever the circumstances recommend it

2. Vehicle circulation is only allowed for entering and exiting the Park

3. From 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., vehicles are not allowed to enter, exit or circulate in the Park

4. Inside the Park, vehicles should not go over 10 km/h

5. It is forbidden to park in a way that prevents or hampers the circulation of vehicles and the installation of tents and caravans

6. Washing and repairing vehicles and other camping materials are forbidden, except if there is an area intended for that purpose



Gas or combustible products use


Article 15: The use of gas and other combustible products shall obey the following rules:

1. Gas canisters should be handled with proper care, especially when they are in service

2. Gas canisters should be properly closed and sheltered from intense heat exposure

3. When there are adapted "extras" applied to gas canisters, campers should check to make sure these are well fastened and if the joints are not defective or leaking





Article 16: Infringements to these regulations will be examined by the Mayor, who will make decisions regarding the application of measures


Article 17: Regardless of any legal action and without detriment to the requirement of the immediate satisfaction of compensations for damages caused in Municipal estate property, users who disrespect the Park's regulations may be subject to warning or expulsion penalties and temporary or permanent suspension, according to the seriousness of their misconducts

1. The Mayor is responsible for levying warning and expulsion penalties, after the defendant has been heard; the Town Council should be informed of the decision



General Rules


Article 18: The use of the Parque de Campismo Municipal de Vila Flor depends on the payment of the rates included in their corresponding list, legally approved by the Municipal Assembly

1. People whose visit is considered advantageous may be granted free access to the Park


Article 19: Town Council Municipal Assembly members and Parish Council Presidents from the Vila Flor Municipality will have free access to the Park


Article 20: Any doubts and omissions arising from the enforcement of this regulation will be resolved by a decision from the Mayor that shall be ratified by the Town Council


Article 21: This regulation comes into force after the public awareness period

Approved in a regular Town Council meeting held on August 17th 1983


Unanimously amended in a council meeting held on June 29th 1992


Approved by the Municipal Assembly in a regular meeting held on July 15th 1992



Parque Campismo Vila Flor
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